Sail, fishing and swim at the Caves of Artá

350€ / group
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The parents and grandparents of Joan Bauza were already fishermen. He speaks fluent English and proposes you an excursion to discover  the most inaccessible and secret beaches of Mallorca from Cala Bona and to swim in its crystalline waters. For only 290 Euros you will have at your disposal the Nou Dos Joans, a 10 meter long boat and one of the quickest and roomy of the fleet for embarking with your group of friends or you family. No matter how many you are unless you are not more than 5 people because it is a fixed price and this excursion is not shared with anyone else. Set your course to Cabo Vermell and the Caves of Artà or Punta Amer every afternoon from Monday to Saturday and Holydays, and from April to November.

This trip includes the possibility to actively participate at a Fishing Demo. You only have to mention it in the Client Data when you make your booking. We will provide you at no cost with a fishing line or a fishing rod.



Places of excursion