Live the genuine fishing tradition at a dream excursion

110,00€ / person (children 50%)

Fishing is more than a family business. This activity has passed from father to son since 1956. Nowadays Pep Uceda, who speaks English and German, has been at the helm of the new Mirmer, a boat of 20 meters long, equipped with a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and six bunk beds. You can embark at Cala Ratjada on this comfortable boat, where all the crew is a member of the family, and you can share with them a genuine fishing journey from Monday to Friday and from January to December, while you can enjoy dolphin watching. Pep will prepare for you a traditional seafood rice or noodles with the fish fresh caught from the fishing nets. All free cost and included in the price of one of the best excursions you can enjoy in Mallorca.