Pescaturismo Mallorca Studies

Nature tourism, an increasingly booming activity, has Pescaturismo (Fishingtrip Mallorca) as one of the main national and international references. This company is dedicated to fishing diversification, carrying out feasibility studies and plans for the blue economy and offering consulting services to obtain the necessary administrative authorizations for the practice of fishing tourism. From its leadership position in the sector, Pescaturismo (Fishingtrip Mallorca) has participated in the creation of professional training in fishing tourism and marine tourism together with the Ministry of Education. In addition, it advises the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and is part of the project of the Secretary of State for Tourism for the creation of a national and international maritime and fishing tourism network. This company also provides training courses and is a speaker at numerous national and international conferences, which demonstrates its commitment to ongoing training and knowledge sharing. In short, Pescaturismo (Fishingtrip Mallorca) is an example of how economic diversification can be an opportunity for the fishing sector, generating new forms of sustainable and responsible tourism. Their experience and knowledge are a valuable asset for the development of the blue economy and the promotion of maritime culture and traditions.

Fishing tourism and fishing diversification in the Gulf of Cádiz

Curso de FP de Pescaturismo y Turismo Marinero

Education Course for Fishing Tourism and Marine Tourism

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